Norman responds to PH Diner article

In your recent article titled “Perry Hall diner deal sparks feud between elected officials”, Delegate Bromwell stated that he wants to make sure that “people are holding all of their elected officials accountable”. I agree.

Delegate Bromwell should be held accountable for skipping numerous votes that would have been politically inconvenient for him in the past General Assembly session. He should be held accountable for voting to force more Section 8 housing into our community. He should be held accountable for voting down a non-partisan, good government redistricting bill to end gerrymandering in our state before it was even put up for public discussion in committee. And he should be held accountable in 2018 when he inevitably sides with his party and refuses to support Governor Hogan’s reelection.

Delegate Bromwell is more concerned with remaining loyal to Speaker Mike Busch than he is in protecting the interests of the hardworking people of Perry Hall, Parkville, Carney, White Marsh, Fullerton, Rosedale, and Overlea. If Delegate Bromwell wishes to maintaining his status as a career politician after the next election cycle, then I respectfully suggest he focus on building relationships with politicians and citizens of both parties instead of starting Facebook feuds over a minor commercial development. 



This article originally appeared in the June 1st edition of the East County Times

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