Crime and Public Safety

Northeast Baltimore County has traditionally been a safe place to live and raise families, and to a large degree it still is.  Despite that reputation, our neighbors are feeling increasingly unsafe on their streets and in their homes.  A consistent uptick in burglaries, car break-ins, and serious assaults have had an undeniable impact on our quality of life.

Radicals in the Maryland General Assembly have created a “soft on crime” enforcement environment in our state. Bill after bill have been passed to make it easier for criminals to escape justice and continue reeking havoc on our community.  In just the past few sessions, the General Assembly has voted to give convicted felons the right to vote before they pay their debt to society, and to make it nearly impossible to send violent parole violators back to prison to complete their sentences.

As your Delegate, I pledge to focus on protecting the rights of hardworking, law abiding citizens by restoring Law and Order to our criminal justice system.

MDGOP Candidate