Good Government

The men at the top of Maryland’s entrenched, left-wing political machine have worked for a long time to protect their own interests at the expense of the public good. They have consolidated power by drawing district lines to select their own constituents, instead of allowing voters to select their leaders. Allowing politicians to control the redistricting process has resulted in more life long politicians, increased polarization in our legislature, and leaves our Delegates feeling more loyal to their party than they do to the people. 

To combat this deep-seated corruption, I pledge to support the following common sense, good government initiatives:  1) Ending political gerrymandering in our state so that the political machine in control of Annapolis can no longer draw their own districts that disenfranchise those with opposing views, 2) Term limits of no more then three consecutive terms for state legislators, 3) Live streaming General Assembly sessions so that constituents anywhere in the state can monitor their representative's work, speeches, and votes.

We The People will be better represented when we have regular members of our community voicing concerns and voting in Annapolis.  Join me in saying NO to institutional political power and career politicians.

MDGOP Candidate